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Each Item is Made to Order and Cooked to Perfection


Topped with a Buttery Bun  

lettuce, tomato, red onion 
City Classic 
cheese burger, lettuce, tomato, red onion, city sauce  
Herban Garden
crisp fried quinoa crusted black bean burger, lettuce, pickled red onion, herby mayo 
Suburban [turkey burger] 
seasoned turkey burger, swiss cheese, roasted pepper, alfalfa, avocado, lettuce, herby mayo 
Spice Market 
lamb burger, green chile, red onion, arugula, feta and herby mayo  
hamburger, green chiles, fried egg, herby mayo  
Santa Fe 
southwestern style pepper jack burger, tomato, caramelized poblano mushroom, green onion, avocado, herby mayo 
Italian Job 
parmesan cheeseburger, cremini mushroom, caramelized onion, arugula, truffle aioli  
District Blue 
saucy blue cheeseburger, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion  
City Proper 
gruyere cheeseburger, caramelized onion, cremini mushroom, herby mayo 
Pit Stop 
cheddar cheeseburger, crispy onion, bacon, chipotle-whisky bbq sauce 


[Includes Fries and Fountain Soda]  

lettuce, tomato, red onion  
City Classic 
cheese burger, lettuce, tomato, red onion, city sauce 
Street Dog 
plain, all beef  


 [All Beef] 

City Street Dog 
Smoke Town 
cheddar, bacon, crispy onion, bbq sauce
Hub Cap 
sauerkraut, grainy mustard, diced onion 
caramelized poblano, green onions, avocado, tomatoes, herby mayo


Additional Toppings 

Pickles; Pickled Jalapeno $0.35
Mushrooms; Caramelized Onion; Bacon; Cheddar; Swiss; Pepper Jack; $0.50
Crispy Onion; Gruyere $0.75
Avocado; An Egg  $1.00 

Hand Spun Milkshakes

Specialty Shakes: 

D.C. Grasshopper 
chocolate custard, mint oreo cookie, mint chocolate  
City Slicker 
vanilla custard, nutella, banana, chocolate sauce, salted caramel  

High Rise 
vanilla custard, heath bar crunch, salted caramel and brownie


Roof Top 
vanilla custard, coookies & cream  


Chocolate Fudge
chocolate custard, chocolate sauce, brownies   

Strawberry Patch  
strawberry shortcake 


vanilla, chocolate custard, strawberry, banana 


Vanilla $4.75
Chocolate $4.75
Black & White $4.75

House Churned Custard

[served soft on a cone]

Chocolate $3.00
Vanilla  $3.00
Black and White  $3.00

City Sides

Fresh Made French Fries $2.75
Bay Fries
malt vinegar aioli  
Onion Rings   $3.50
Fried Green Beans 
parmesan, sesame

Our Menu

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